Adik Hot Sauce

It’s all about flavor!

Get ready for a Kick of Rich, Haitian Heat with our organic and gluten-free Adik Hot Sauce! Made with the highest-quality ingredients and no preservatives, our hot sauce will transform the ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience, bursting with spice, heat and Flavor. Try it on anything! SHOP NOW
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To the perfect Hot Sauce!

A few dashes of Adik Hot sauce will change your eating experience. Get a kick of heat and spice that you will never want to eat without.
Gluten Free


Part of a healthy gluten-free diet.

No Preservatives


Natural and high-quality ingredients blended to perfection.

Rich Flavor


Authentic Caribbean spices for a zesty flavor.

Serious Heat


Legitimately SPICY! Packed with some real Haitian Heat.

Where it started...

Chef Vlad Ferrus is the creator of Adik.

He is a well-known Haitian chef who loves good food, prepared with care and the highest-quality ingredients. His vision is to leave a legacy of his Haitian background of flavorful and authentic cooking.
Spice up your meals!

Adik Hot sauce is Perfect on Anything

  •  Meat, Poultry and seafood
  • Takeout dishes
  • Marinades
  • Eggs
  • Barbecue
  • Try it on your tacos!

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Transform your eating experience, with rich heat and spice from Adik Hot Sauce. A smooth blend of all natural spices and peppers, perfect for a gluten-free diet with no added preservatives.  Adik Hot Sauce packs some serious Heat, not for the faint of taste buds!

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